Energy for Life

RECO offers a complete range of energy equipment for residential use. The best solutions adapted to the energy needs of each family and each home.

Solar Inverters

RECO solar inverters for residential use

Energy Storage

RECO energy storage for residential use

Integrated Green Energy Home Solution

In response to the current challenges of high household electricity costs and unstable power supply, we offer an integrated green energy home solution that combines photovoltaics and energy storage. This solution aims to maximize the use of solar energy, reduce electricity costs, and create a zero-carbon household for you.

For residential houses or villas with high electricity prices, our solution converts solar energy into the electricity you need, stores excess energy and releases it when necessary, helping you use clean energy more economically. For remote mountainous areas or regions with unstable power, our solution ensures the normal operation of the household, helps you break free from the dependency on the grid, achieve independent energy supply, improve living convenience, and promote sustainable development. Whether you are in the city or remote areas, our efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical energy solution can help you achieve independent energy supply and improve your quality of life.

RECO Home App

RECO Home App

Our energy storage system is equipped with advanced intelligent software that can automatically adjust power storage and release based on power demand and grid electricity price changes, achieving intelligent electricity cost management. Make your life smarter and help you effectively save on electricity costs.

RECO Residential Energy Storage

RECO, a high-end brand under the banner of ZOE Energy Storage Technology, manufactures safe, efficient and reliable home energy storage equipment for users around the world. We offer a complete range of products for residential use; the best solutions tailored to the energy needs of every home and every family.


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